10 Best Android Games: What You Should Be Playing In 2015

04/09/2015 14:53
As the world of Android is evolving rapidly, we are in a mood to keep ourselves informed with every single happenings there. Not simply for the sake of our job, but just that we wanted our readers to grow with us. And hence, we have arrived with our updated list of the most happening android games that are reigning the web world recently. 
1.Brothers in Arms 3
To join the action list of Asphalt 8, Modern Combat 5and N.O.V.A 3, Brothers in Arms 3 is all set to get fitted in the belt of android action games. It's one of the most realistic third-person shooter game, which gives you an adrenaline rush almost instantly. As you start playing, you will be equipped with weapons and fantastic features that you will love. 
2.The Walking Dead
Are you fond of zombies? Then this is definitely a game for you that will instantly stimulate an adventure spree. There are two version of this action game and there's a wonderful storyline involved with this game. In short, it's a fantastic point-and-click adventure games that will be freaking interesting. 
3.The World Ends With You
This game is for the ones who have been a real patron of the fantasy games. It's a new addition in Play store. It comes with the features of rhythm games and RPGs and the subtlety of card games. The game play features unique collectible pins that comprises of the key part of this game. 
There's nothing like playing Limbo to enjoy a perfect lonesome time with yourself. It's a game that perfectly introduce you with sadness and isolation. The game develops with an amazing storyline that involves a young boy gradually entering into a bleak monochromatic world in search of his sister. 
5.Monument Valley
Perhaps it's the most popular of the lot and keeps you fully engaged till the end. As the developers claimed it's a "perspective-bind "puzzle game that will simply keep you glued to your handheld device. The goal of the game is to be a guide of a princess, so that she can safely tread the beautifully designed cliffs. It's more of a mind game, where the gamer has to control the perspective of the princess to get over obstacles. 
6. Knights of Pen & Paper+1
Bearing a close similarity with the classic Dungeons and Dragons dice game, this game is being highly talked about these days. Especially for the kids, it's all about a dungeon crawling on the table top and it involves the most adventurous journey along a fantasy land, while fighting monsters. 
7.Sorcery! 2
It's all about storybook, and a role-playing game and the gamer reserves the full right to choose his course of adventure. You play as the knight that are treading a jungle full of adventures.
8.Shadowrun Returns
One of the best turn-based fantasy game, Shadowrun Returns is all about amazing 3-D graphics, magic spells and a murky ambiance. It's basically a murder mystery. 
9.World of Goo
The world of colourful visuals and fantastic gameplay will pose great challenges and you have to tread a path of obstacles to reach your goals. 
10.Ridiculous Fishing
It's simply outstanding. As you play as the happy fisherman of the town, you have to deal with various weapons like handguns , shotguns and many more while fishing. A game full of excitement and adventure, Ridiculous Fishing is perfect for the ones who have passion for adventure.
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